Papers and Talks



April 2015, Conference Organizer: Tales Beyond Borders Conference, University of Leeds

April 2015, 'Happily Ever After? Exploring the Margins in Romany Folklore', Stanley and Audrey Burton Gallery, University of Leeds

March 2015, 'Researching Victorian Graphic Texts', Laydeez Do Comics, Leeds

June 2014, 'Susan Baker's War: Montgomery's Rilla of Ingleside as Transcultural Encounter
L.M.Montgomery and War:L.M.Montgomery Institute 11th Biennial Conference, University of Prince Edward Island, Canada
September 2013, 'Traumatic Numbers: Child Mortality Rates, Tale Types, and Consolation Literature in George MacDonald's Adela Cathcart
Nineteenth-Century Numbers:British Association for Victorian Studies Annual Conference, Royal Holloway, London
July 2013,  'Unified Reading: Dante, Dialogue and the Cross-Cultural Gaze in George Eliot's Daniel Deronda'Leeds Cross-Cultural Book Fair, Leeds

June 2013 'Unified Reading: Dante, Dialogue and the Cross-Cultural Gaze in George Eliot's Daniel Deronda'     The Global and the Local' AVSA/BAVS/NAVSA Supernumerary Conference, Università Ca’ Foscari and San Servolo Conference Centre, Venice, Italy 

September 2012 ‘Lost Children: Fairy Tales and Deprivation in George MacDonald’s Adela Cathcart
After Grimm: Fairy Tales and the Art of Story Telling, Kingston University and the Sussex Centre for Folklore

August 2012 ‘The Value of Enlargement:  Crinolines and Gauging Community in George Eliot’s Daniel Deronda
Victorian Values: British Association for Victorian Studies Annual Conference, University of Sheffield 
June 2012 'Portrait[s] of the [Author(s)] as a Young Woman: Fragmented Narrativity and Re-positioning Memories of Authorship in L.M. Montgomery's Emily Trilogy'
L.M. Montgomery and Cultural Memory, University of Prince Edward Island, Canada
May 2012 ‘“The little astronomy taught her at school”: Science and Educational Dissonance in George Eliot’sDaniel Deronda
Two Cultures or Coevolution? Science and Literature 1800-Present, Keele University 
March 2011 'Narrative Threads in J.R.R. Tolkien's Éowyn: From Narrative Outlaw to Outlaw Narrative'
Myths and Fairy-Tales in Film and Literature Post - 1900, University of York
September 2010 'Re-producing Transgression: Social Ambivalence and Textuality in Modern Reconstructions of Bram Stoker's Mina Harker'
Re-imagining the Victorians, University of Leeds
March 2010 'The Political Currency of Repetition in Ernest Jones's "The Song of the Low" and Christina Rossetti's "Goblin Market"' 
Poetry, Politics and Pictures in the Nineteenth Century, University of Sheffield

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