I have a long-standing enthusiasm for teaching, developed in a number of contexts. I served in public museum education in a voluntary capacity for seven years. My work at Westfield Heritage Centre (Ontario, Canada) engaged visitors in the history of nineteenth-century Canada through the use of costume, acting, archival sources and research. At Kew Bridge Steam Museum (London, UK), I designed and presented creative programmes to engage visitors in the history of Victorian water systems, such as, for example, a ‘Victorian Laundry Day’ water play activity; these programmes were also enhanced by archival sources. My interest in teaching increased through six years (three in Canada; three in the UK) of providing private tuition for students of a range of ages. I taught on the module Poetry: Reading and Interpretation (ENGL 1260) in the second semester of the 2011/2012 year. ave acted as a Mentor for the Students as Scholars Programme, mentoring undergraduate students who are interested in research
This past year,  I taught on the module Drama: Reading and Interpretation (ENGL 1280) and I also delivered four study skills workshops on research techniques and essay writing for students in the Faculty of Arts.

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